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This, my friends, would be me (post Marine Corps days) . . . if you had my job, you'd smoke too . . . and drink . . . and . . .
Let's get to the bottom of things-this page serves as my photographic journal of Rome, Cairo, Paris, Florence, Venice, Alexandria, London, San Antonio and Eagle Pass and of all the great friends I made so far. This is my tribute to them.

L-R: Donnie "3-D" Diehl, Norvin "Island Boy" Camacho de Leon-Guerrero, Sean "Iceman" Ravenel, Mike "Wallyworld" Walter, Yours Truly-Ruben, Darrel Odom, Wayne Bostic, Jon Turner, Doug "Burrman" Burris, and Greg "Blacksheep" Goble

Wayne Bostic, Sue Bibi, Mike Walter, Don Diehl, & Steve Albanese


FRONT ROW: Shawn "Seacow" Clapp, Malcolm "Cajun" Broussard, Lynwood Phillips, Gunnery Sergeant Michael "New York" Armstrong, Staff Sergeant Carr, Phil Gattuso, and yours truly, Ruben "Chacco" Chio. BACK ROW: Jody Hernandez, Tim "Woody" Wood, Jeff Westrom, Willian Arthur Ehren "Lerch" Tool, Dan "Danimal" Thomas, Jack "Hurricane" Garman, Mike "Chi-Town" Kunzler, & Jason Dressler.


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